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Ancient Ceylon
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Sinhalese 12 to15 cent
Ceylon 1948 to 72
Sri Lanka Republic


Setu coins:

The Setu coins in all probability formed the currency of the medieval kingdom of Jaffna. Under the Arya chakravartis, styled Setukavalar, the protectors of Setu (Ramesvaram). It is believed they originally belonged to a dynasty of Ramesvaram of the lineage of Magha (3).

 The Setu coins are basically of two types. The Dambadeniya copper massa is the prototype of the coins of type I, but on the reverse, in lieu of the usual Nagari legend, appears the Tamil Setu vertically. The coins are of coarse workmanship resembling the late chola copper issues of the thirteenth century.


The type II coins are far better executed; and on the reverse the sitting figure is replaced by the device of a recumbent bull surmounted by a crescent enclosing the sun, with the legend Setu in large Tamil letters beneath it. A progressive debasement of the design is apparent in the later type II pieces. 

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