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Pandyan Ceylon:

With the rise of the three Hindu powers in South India - The Pandyans, Pallavas and Cholas - in the fifth and six centuries, ethnic and religious antagonism bedeviled between them and the Sinhalese kingdom in Ceylon. 

The first Pandyan invasion of Ceylon was during the reign of Sena I (833-53), during which they found ready support from the Island's Tamil population. In the twelfth century, the rivals for the Pandyan throne were supported by the Sinhalese kings. 

The Pandyan coins of Ceylon come from both the Ancient period as well as the Medieval period. The Horizontal Bull and fishes coin for instance is believed to be from the Ancient period.

Obv: Two Fish horizontal, upper facing R, lower L, between two lamps, Crescent above, below three parallel lines, all in bead circle. On Rev, Couchant Bull with one foreleg extended R between two lamps, all in bead circle. TDM De Silva 40.

This Pandyan below coin has the top fish facing right and distinctly different bull and symbols.

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