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Ancient Ceylon
Medieval Gold
Sinhalese 12 to15 cent
Ceylon 1948 to 72
Sri Lanka Republic


Ceylon Coins & Currency doesn't have dozens of Websites devoted to the subject but the following sites have relevant content:

1) The Asian Collectibles Network: by far the best selection of Ceylon coins available for sale; plenty of rare and exhibition quality pieces on display. Well organized site with online ordering facility, updated regularly with new material. Has separate sections for Ceylon coins, Ceylon banknotes, Ceylon philately, Ceylon books (includes Numismatic) and Indian coins. 

2) The Ceylon Banknotes web: The only specialized Ceylon & Sri Lanka Banknotes Website to date. Comprehensive coverage with all Ceylon banknote issues covered from the earliest Government of Ceylon type notes to the latest Polymer issue, each note described in detail with images of important notes.  

3) Kavan Ratnatunga's Ceylon coins site, informative site with details and some images:

4) Uno Barner Jensen from Denmark has his Homepage about the Colonial Coins of India and About History and Coins of Danish India - Tranquebar In Danish and English  at The Ceylon section of his Website is at:


If you have a website that has some relevance to Ceylon (does not necessarily have to be a Numismatic site) then please email.


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