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Type II


Ancient Ceylon
Medieval Gold
Sinhalese 12 to15 cent
Ceylon 1948 to 72
Sri Lanka Republic


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Kahavanu gold coins: type II:

Type II coins are somewhat less fine in execution than type I pieces, and while the gold is good, it is not as good as in the type I coins.   The coins of type II, more of which have been found than of type I were probably meant mainly for use in foreign trade. The occurrence of the coins in the same finds shows that they must have been in circulation at one and the same time, largely in the eighth and ninth centuries. 

The varieties under each of types II and III, unlike on type I, are determined by the symbol in the hand of the figure on either side. For example, in the type II gold kalanda,  ‘lotus and adahanda’, the obverse standing figure holds in the left hand the lotus symbol, and the reverse squatting figure the ‘adahanda’ symbol.

Double Adahanda:

Adahanda & Lotus:

Trishula & Lotus:

In addition, there are the following varieties:

'Lotus & adahanda', 'jasmine bud & lotus', 'flower & adahanda'.

Type II Fractions:

The obverse type is the standing figure, left arm bent and holding a symbol in the hand; left leg crossed behind right. In the field to the left, a standing lamp, which on some coins resembles a barbed arrowhead; to the right a fire-alter as in the last.

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